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DZ BANK Fellowship

Call for Applications:
DZ BANK Fellowship on Transatlantic Business and Finance

The American Council on Germany is currently seeking applications for the DZ BANK Fellowships on Transatlantic Business and Finance. The fellowships will allow American and German academics; practitioners from banking, business, and government; and journalists to conduct research on key issues influencing the transatlantic economy, including business, finance, trade, banking, fintech, and innovation and entrepreneurship. The fellows will produce analytical reports while engaging with their counterparts overseas.
he fellowship covers transatlantic airfare (economy class), domestic travel (economy class), and a monthly stipend of up to $7,500, for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three. Fellows have the opportunity to be in residence at the ACG’s office in New York City and/or travel within the United States or Germany, as long as their research includes a transatlantic component.

The application deadline is Friday, March 29, 2019.

More information can be found here.



Teacher Workshop
Amerikazentrum Hamburg - Hamburg
Amerikazentrum Hamburg


“Going Green – Education for Sustainability and Elections 2016: An Update and Preview.”
Joannis Kaliampos, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg and Dr. Martina Kohl, U.S. Embassy Berlin

March 3, 2016, 15:00 - 17:00

Going Green: Teaching for Sustainability and U.S. Elections 2016 are intercultural blended-learning projects and the product of a partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, the U.S. Consulates, the University of Lüneburg, and LIFE e.V. This workshop will explain how the projects work and how teachers and their students can get actively involved.

In a pilot project in 2012, German students explored the U.S. presidential elections through an e-learning platform (Moodle). They adopted a specific state, cast a vote as representatives of that state in a mock election and participated in a student competition. The project received the renowned Eberhard Piepho Prize in 2013.

In a second pilot project in 2014, German students explored approaches to sustainable development collaboratively through an updated and further developed e-learning platform (Moodle). Going Green 2014 received the national “Ausgezeichneter Ort 2015 – Land der Ideen” award for its innovative approach to teaching.

Since then, “Going Green” and “U.S. Elections” have become part of a larger teaching platform “Teach About US.” Schools throughout the country are able to navigate through web 2.0 applications and social media, and exchange their findings on both projects. They publish their local Going Green initiatives and election predictions online and participate in concluding regional student conferences.

Cooperation with the Goethe Institute Washington’s TOP program and other U.S. based partners open venues for school partnerships. The projects are open to all interested teachers and learners; materials can be used online and offline (even if time-frames do not allow for an extensive project participation).

Going Green and U.S. Elections 2016 are in line with the German state-curricula for English in the Sek. II in all Bundesländer.

Please register at: info@amerikazentrum.de
Deadline: March 1


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